Franklin Sweet Tea

A Southern Classic! Fresh brewed Sweet Tea  with our 141 Rye Whiskey and a dash of lemon.

Andy’s Apple Pie

A Franklin County favorite! We muddle apple pieces with apple cider, add FCD’s apple pie simple syrup (cider, cinnamon, clove, and brown sugar).

Boone’s Berry Delight

A “berry” delightful taste of summer! We use FCD’s Berry Syrup (muddled blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries, sugar, water), a little lemon juice, and your choice of our spirits. Topped with seltzer and served on the rocks.

Cheery Cherry Lime

A classic with a twist! Cherry syrup poured over ice, lime juice, and any of our vodkas will leave you feeling refreshed on a hot day!

Berry Mill Lemonade

It’s all in the name…simple and sweet… any berry infusion mixed with lemonade over ice. Delicious!

Maggoddee Madness

Our Roanoke rum, a dash of Coconut, and pineapple juice, you’ll almost forget you aren’t somewhere on a beach!

FCD’s twist on the Classics

Old Fashioned

Whiskey, a lil’ simple syrup, and bitters with a lemon and orange twist. Served neat, chilled neat, or on the rocks. Classic!

Bloody Moonshine

Your choice of spirits with our zesty Bloody Mary mix. Served on the rocks.


Cheery Cherry Lime

Berry Delight

Berry Delight